The Floridians Against Fracking coalition, which includes members from a wide range of environmental, health, social justice and business groups, successfully defeated a bill last year that would have allowed 1) fracking operations to really expand in Florida, 2) kept fracking chemicals a secret from the general public;  and 3) prohibited local communities from enacting protections to keep fracking out.

But the fight will not be over until we have an all-out BAN on Fracking in Florida, and that’s where you come in! We are building a network of communities who are adopting resolutions supporting a ban on fracking and over 90 cities and counties have already done so. We are also working to ensure that these resolutions help with our campaign to pass a state bill to ban fracking in 2016.

Sign up below TODAY to join the Floridians Against Fracking coalition and we will help you plug into the anti-fracking movement by passing local resolutions, contacting your legislators, and more. The more of these resolutions that get passed, the closer we will be to a Ban on Fracking in Florida! The more of these resolutions that get passed, the closer we will be to a Ban on Fracking in Florida!

Floridians Against Fracking: Will you Join Us?

Fracking Ban Organizational Commitment Form

Fracking and drilling associated with unconventional extraction of oil and natural gas poses a direct and immediate threat to the drinking water, air, food, health, wildlife, climate, and economy of communities across Florida. A number of groups have come together to call for a ban on fracking*.We have achieved a great deal over the past few years. We’ve defeated bills that would have given the green light† to unconventional new methods of drilling in Florida, banned local measures to protect communities from fracking, and even kept the fracking chemicals used in drilling operations secret. Last year, a statewide effort successfully stopped a fracking operation in the Florida Everglades.

And we’re just getting started.

Still, we are up against the oil and gas industry, which is pouring millions of dollars into
promoting fracking and supporting elected officials who misrepresent natural gas as“ clean energy source and maintain that fracking is safe. Recent proposals to do seismic surveying in the Florida Everglades to ascertain if there is oil and/or gas that could be exploited in the future are currently in the permitting process. Even where fracking would not likely occur, companies are looking at disposing the toxic wastewater.

Why a Coalition to Ban Fracking?

In order to win, we need to collaborate more effectively and coordinate more efficiently and strategically to put pressure on elected officials to take a stand against fracking. Much of the work on fracking is happening at the local level, and groups need to coordinate better to support that work.

What are the goals of the Coalition?

The goal of the Coalition is a ban on fracking 1in Florida. To that end, we support state and local efforts to ban fracking.

What are the tenets of the Coalition?

  1. Fracking is inherently unsafe.
  2. We define fracking as including the processes and treatments associated with hydraulic fracturing, acid fracking, acidization, and well stimulation for the purpose of oil and gas exploration and production.
  3. Fracking cannot be safely regulated.
  4. Therefore, we support a ban on fracking in Florida.
  5. In order to win a ban on fracking n Florida we need an engaged citizenry that is aware of these facts and actively working for the ban

What will the Coalition do?

  • Coordinate support for state and local campaigns
  • Provide a mechanism for communicating a strong message and building a more integrated movement advocating for a ban to the media, regulatory agencies, and elected officials at the state and local level.
  • Create a website that will feature key information and list member organizations.

What will organizations gain from joining?

  • Most importantly, a better chance of winning. Only by working together and coordinating our efforts in a real and meaningful way will we defeat the powerful dirty energy interests.
  • Opportunities for coordinated support at key campaign moments from national organizations for state and local campaigns.
  • Regular strategy updates via email and conference calls.
  • Your organization’s logo and website featured in the list of organizational members on Coalition website, if desired.
  • Access to materials and support: fact sheets, stickers, reports, etc.
  • Promotion of local events hosted by member organizations, depending on capacity.

What will member organizations have to do?

  • Continue the great work already being done against fracking.
  • Commit to fighting for a ban on fracking.
  • Sign up for regular campaign updates from the Coalition and pass them along to their members.
  • If desired, select a member to sit on the steering committee. This is optional – ask us for more information about what that entails.

Who should join?

Any organization, group, business or institution that supports a ban on fracking in Florida and the goals of the Coalition. We welcome any local, state, or national:

  • Civic groups
  • Businesses
  • Faith institutions
  • Hospitals or other health institutions
  • Professional associations
  • Labor unions
  • Political clubs
  • Environmental organizations
  • Outdoors groups
  • Social justice groups
  • Farms, restaurants, breweries, and other food producers*The Floridians Against Fracking will work with all organizations to insist that any ban legislation language prohibits all enhanced oil and gas extraction techniques that use toxic chemicals and will fight to ensure that any pertinent loopholes that exist in Florida statute are closed.

†Currently, under Florida Statute FS 713.801, FS 377, and Florida Administrative Code, fracking is allowed in the state.