What Can I Do to Ban Fracking in Florida?

Participate in local government meetings

  • Get involved with your community at the local level.
  • Attend letter-writing campaigns, rallies, get educated.
  • Volunteer or Donate

Write letters to local and state representatives

Contact your Senator and Representative

Talking points in your letter may include:

  • The fracking process uses chemicals which leach into and contaminate the nearby groundwater.
  • Nearly ½ of chemicals used in fracking affect the nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems.
  • 75% of the chemicals used in fracking cause skin and eye irritation as well as gastrointestinal and respiratory distress.
  • Fracking causes the formation of ground-level ozone, which contributes to the creation of smog. Exposure to smog formed from ground-level ozone is linked to cancer, diabetes, premature birth, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive deficits in children.
  • Fracking causes environmental disturbances due to land clearing and drilling.
  • Studies show that fracking of rock increases seismic activity.
  • Our state is dependent on tourism as an economic driver. Allowing drilling on our lands puts our economy at risk too.
  • Ask them to support a Ban on fracking and to oppose any regulations that come before them, as those pave the way for fracking in Florida and do not go far enough to protect Florida’s water, environment, and people.

Attend legislative committee meetings and sessions

  • Check the calendar regularly for events all across the state.

Coordinate and host community outreach and education workshops

  • Educate your friends and neighbors.
  • Host a presentation of ‘Gasland’ or ‘Groundswell Rising’ video.