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Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas: Impacts from the Hydraulic Fracturing Water Cycle on Drinking Water Resources in the United States (Final Report)

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Main report [666 pages {note reference to “mark of the beast”} , 41 MB]

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•Free Online Course: Climate Change Policy and Public Health – From University of Wisconsin-Madison, “This course explores the impact of human activities on climate change and consequently public health, as well as the many real benefits to climate change mitigation. We will discover the multiple benefits – or co-benefits – provided by public policies and initiatives to reduce emissions. For example, protecting the environment by reducing greenhouse gases can simultaneously improve human health. In addition to providing evidence for climate change’s impact on human health, this course will explore three primary areas where co-benefits can be realized: renewable energy, agriculture and food, urban design and active transport. Please note: use of the term “urban” is relative; traits traditionally understood as “urban” can exist in many places, even if populations are not large.” For more information, including dates and how to enroll, please go to

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