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On January 19th and 20th 2016, Floridians Against Fracking, in partnership with several statewide and national organizations, helped lead and organize Sparking Sustainability: Reclaiming Florida’s Future,    a two-day event that included advocacy training events, a rally on the Old Capitol Steps, and a day of citizens from all over Florida engaging with their legislators on fracking issues, as well as advocating in favor of renewable energy bills, and in opposition to bills that would delay the implementation of the Clean Power Plan.  Buses, vans, and carpools brought citizens from  Pensacola, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, and every point in-between. Hundreds of Floridians participated, sending a clear message to our public servants: it’s time to get serious about energy issues in Florida.

The energy issues we focus on include:

Banning Fracking in Florida: This extreme extraction method poses risks to our environment and does not benefit the people of Florida. We don’t want to see what happened in Naples happen anywhere in Florida again!

Encouraging Energy Freedom: Many Floridians are unable to benefit from solar energy because of restrictive regulations. We’d like to see more consumer choice in where Floridians get their energy, and encourage job growth by ending these restrictions.

Clean Power Plan: This plan targets power plants because they are the largest concentrated source of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States, making up roughly one-third of all domestic greenhouse gas emissions. There are currently no national limits on carbon pollution levels. We oppose bills which are designed to delay implementing the Clean Power Plan and to divert EPA from its mission to address carbon pollution.